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Keynote: Finally, We Know for Sure Mobile Marketing WORKS! (And here is how it can work EVEN HARDER)

Greg Stuart, CEO, Mobile Marketing Association

Predictably, this address was all about the glories of mobile marketing, with scant attention paid to the challenges. Nevertheless, Greg was a very energetic and engaging speaker. A VERY fast talker, taking notes was tricky!

  • He gave us permission, in fact encouraged us to use our phones during his speech. Something about “impressions.”
  • US market penetration of smart phones is >40%
  • 19% of web traffic is mobile
  • The average US teenager sends over 100 text messages every day. That’s over 3,000 a month, for those of you who don’t do math.
  • Mobile is the closest you can get to the consumer – closer than any other medium
  • 68% of marketers agree that mobile is the best/fastest way to transform your business
  • 72% of marketers agree that mobile is the best way to build ROI
  • All other marketing mediums are mature, but mobile is still the Wild, Wild West – the growth is just starting
  • There is a huge “knowing vs doing” gap in mobile marketing – everybody knows it is crucial, but few are taking advantage of it.
    • Case in point: When Motorola promoted their new MOBILE SMART PHONE, Moto-X, only 1% of their ad spend was in mobile. Think about that.
  • The MMA has a lot of incredible research that will be released before the end of the year.


How To Leverage Customer Experience to Connect with Digital Natives in a Mobile World

Olivier Sartor, Vice President Account Services and Social Media, Nowspeed
Cassidy Shield, Vice President Marketing, Platforms Division, Alcatel-Lucent

VERY interesting session with good nuggets of information.

  • Digital Natives: Anybody born in 1990 or later
  • Digital Immigrants: Everybody else
  • The Digital Native’s customer service expectation: “Don’t fall in love with your product. Fall in love with my problem.”
  • Many companies give the Customer Experience lip service because it is very difficult to measure. Customer SERVICE, which is one facet of the Customer Experience, CAN be measured so we tend to focus on that. This may be a huge mistake.
  • Most marketers think of mobile as an extension of their web site and not as its own unique channel with unique needs. DIGITAL NATIVES DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR (desktop) WEB SITE. AT ALL. In fact, they may never visit it.
  • Hotel Tonight is a mobile app only business. Growing like crazy among Natives and expanding their offering to become more like “traditional” hotel booking sites, but still mobile only.
  • Mayday on Kindle is a great example of customer support for Digital Natives. “Amy” isn’t there to help you use Kindle. She is there to help you decide what to buy next. On Amazon.
    • for the most part is “human-free.” Mayday is one of the best “human touch” features on the entire internet. And last Christmas day their response time was 9 seconds.
  • Digital Natives expect you to turn a bad customer experience into a good one.
  • Digital Natives demand expectations to be set, and to be clear.
    • A Marriott restaurant serving Natives organized their new menu by the length of time it takes to get each dish to the table.
  • 53% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes when they post it on Twitter. Monitor your hashtags (and realize that the internet will create new hashtags you need to pay attention to).
  • Digital Natives see mobile as both a point of contact and a point of sale.


From PLAs to Shopping Campaigns: Hacking The New Product Search

Mosheh Poltorak, Customer Insight Specialist,

Good content, but probably 6 months too late for most people.

  • Images can make a massive difference in performance and they should be tested.
    • Try different angles, different backgrounds, close-ups, even glamour shots and lifestyle shots
    • If a product comes with accessories, see if you can show everything together
    • If a product is a “kit” don’t just show the primary item. Show the kit. Most retailers won’t.
  • Only the first 70 characters of the item’s title are displayed. Make them count. Look at the competition and see if you can make yours more compelling (hard to do if you have a large selection)
  • The “Product Type” attribute in the feed (and in Adwords) is OUR categorization and can be used to report
  • Create an “On Sale” campaign with a high priority and populate it with sale items. Use a custom label to identify.
  • Use negative keywords for targeting (not so much to prevent bad queries).
  • If you have more than 1 PLA displaying, count on a lot of people clicking on all of them – this will raise your bounce rate for PLAs and drive down your conversion rate. And you will pay for each click, of course. Adjust your KPI expectations accordingly.


Assess, Diagnose, Fix: How to become a Leading SEO Mechanic

Carolyn Shelby, Director of SEO and SEM, Tribune Publishing

Not as detailed as I was hoping for, but the presenter doesn’t seem to spend much time down in the weeds doing hands-on SEO. Nevertheless, she knows her stuff.

  • SEM Rush will tell you what you’re ranking for that you aren’t tracking (unexpected ranking surprises). You can leverage this info.
  • Tools she recommends: Searchmetrics, Raven, Conductor, YSlow
  • Run Screaming Frog on problem pages, not your home page. If you just start at the home page you may never get to page-level issues.
  • Check Webmaster Tools regularly for warnings, sitemap issues, penalties, and page speed. Check mobile AND desktop data. If you have received a penalty, Google WILL tell you about it.
  • Add a tag to GA for EVERY development and marketing change you make. No exceptions! Makes it much easier to track problems back to the source.


How to Create Kick Ass Native Content

Lauri Baker, VP Brand Strategy & Sales, The Huffington Post

She was the best presenter so far.

  • “Native Content” is what I have always called “advertorial” content
  • There is 60% more native content in the Huffington Post news feeds than 2 years ago
  • Content is currency, social actions need to be viewed as transactions
  • Native ads are part of a content marketing strategy
  • It’s not enough to have a content strategy. You have to document it and measure it.
    • 72% of B2C companies do content marketing, but only 23% track ROI
  • How have times changed? Waiting on a new Pope, 2005:
  • Photo from the Washington Post
  • Waiting on a new Pope, 2013:
  • Photo from
  • INFORM from an original perspective
  • STAND OUT – evoke emotion, use your unique voice
  • BE TIMELY – in-synch with the news cycle
  • HUMANIZE – inspire conversation and action
  • Digital Natives are the PARTICIPATION generation!
  • 71% of consumers will help a brand promote their products and services if there is a good cause behind them.
  • Be AUTHENTIC – clarity/transparency, compelling quality, authentically connected
  • If you are phony, you won’t last 5 seconds
  • Think with a long view. Build relationships.
  • Don’t oversell.
  • She shared this is an excellent native ad – viral like crazy, and barely mentioned the product. And it’s freaking hilarious:


And thus ends Day Two!






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